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First Vision Healthcare offers an innovative approach to home and community-based services. We recognize barriers that prevent many people with disabilities from being active and included members of their communities and seek to overcome the barriers by tailoring each person’s needs in a unique way for a unique experience. We work diligently and take pride in finding the best match for our members whether we’re serving them in their own homes, in our group homes or in one of our host homes. Our experience and passion for what we do allows our dedicated team to focus on the individual and to seek creative ways to increase the individual’s quality of life by ensuring that the individual lives, learns, works and enjoys life in the most integrative way, and leads a life that is meaningful and fulfilling in every aspect.

We operate with four different types of waivers, including Brain Injury (BI), Physical Disability (PD), Intellectual Disability Waiver (ID), HIV/AIDS Waiver, Elderly Waiver, Children’s Mental Health Waiver (CMHW), and provide Supported Community Living (SCL), Agency Consumer Directed Attendant Care (CDAC) and Respite Services. We work collaboratively with Case Managers, legal guardians, and our members to ensure a process that ensures the best possible outcomes for the members.


Vision & Values


Through advanced care and support, we seek to provide the most accommodating physical and social environment where each of our members can thrive to their fullest potentials, and where each can reinvent and reinsert themselves to occupy their rightful position within the community.

We believe and uphold the following values:

  • Put the interest and wellbeing of our members first
  • Demonstrate value in our staff and independent providers
  • Treat each person with love, respect, and dignity
  • Maintain consistency, reliability, and integrity
  • Continuous education and training to adapt to innovations in member care and support


First Vision Healthcare seeks to provide quality care, support, motivation, and meaningful community integration to individuals with disabilities

Our Identity

We are a Home and Community-Based service organization, serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our programs ensure that individuals with disabilities exercise their right to free choice as to how and where they receive services. We provide inclusive environments and support a living structure that allows people with disabilities to stay in their home and community, and to rebuild their potentials that are often taken for granted. We are a wraparound organization that brings together providers, resources, services, and supports to help those with disabilities achieve individual goals, independence, and overall wellbeing. Our entire focus is on our members. We work around the clock with love, passion, and dedication to ensure the best outcomes for those we serve.

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We go above and beyond to inspire, motivate, and support our members to pursue great things; to rise to great heights and to achieve the unimaginable.

High Quality Care

Compassionate Support

Experienced Staff

Met Expectations

Our Team

Our leadership team is very diversified and consists of experienced and highly performing individuals working for the common purpose of ensuring the best outcomes for our members. Members of our leadership team hold PhD, Masters, RN & BSN degrees and have worked in various healthcare settings, including hospital, nursing homes, residential care facilities, and home and community-based healthcare settings. Our team members have worked as Nurses, Case Managers, Human Resources Coordinators, Supervisors and Direct Care Professionals. We lead with compassion and seek to preserve every one’s dignity. We focus around the clock on our members, staff, and collaborators. We lead with compassion, motivation and hope, and guide our staff to bring out the best of their knowledge, skills, passion, insights and commitment to work together for the greater good of our members and organization. We’re always ready to listen and to learn new ways to help our members have a more meaningful experience and a higher quality of life.

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